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Designed for you

Our medical healthcare scheme has been designed specifically for police officers and is managed by police officers, so we really do understand the challenges that you are up against when illness or injury strikes.

We know the risks associated with injury - both work and non-work related. We also understand that you want to get better, and back to work, as quickly as possible.  

Our healthcare scheme gives you and your family access to a fast, professional diagnosis and top quality medical treatment. This can significantly improve speed of recovery and help you get better and back to normal sooner. 

  • There when you need us - our experienced administrators are here to offer support and guidance 
  • Get better, faster - the average waiting time to see a consultant through Bluline is normally faster than the NHS.
  • Simple to claim - our claims process is quick and easy, and our administrators are here to support you every step of the way   
  • Excellent value - our scheme represents great value and gives you, and your family, peace of mind - view scheme costs.

Police officers

Serving police officers are often aware of the risks associated with illness and injury (work and non-work related), and of the negative impact that the resulting time off work can have on their career, and their family.

Bluline is there for you when you need it most. By proving access to a fast, expert diagnosis, and the best possible medical treatment and care, we can ensure that you get better and back to work as quickly as possible. 

Why Join

Police Staff

Office staff play a critical role in supporting the smooth running of our force. The Bluline healthcare scheme is available to police staff, so we can all benefit from the many advantages that the scheme offers. 

As a Bluline member you will get access to a fast, expert diagnosis, and the best possible medical treatment and care, so that you get better and return to work as quickly as possible.

Why Join

Family Members

If a member of your family has been injured or seriously ill you will know the anguish it can cause. With Bluline, cover can be extended to include members of your immediate family, and provide additional peace of mind for you. 

With Bluline cover in place, your family will have access to a fast, expert diagnosis, and the best possible medical treatment and care. 

Why Join

Our healthcare partners

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We have worked hard to make it easy for you to join Bluline. There is no medical examination, no awkward questions, and minimal form filling. Use our online price calculator to see exactly how much it will cost.

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I know I have to pay my monthly subscription but it has been worth every penny. The support and reassurance Bluline provide is there whenever you need it.

Hannah Rathbone

I have been able to return to work and back to full duties much quicker than I would have going via the NHS. For me, it is value for money and a necessity.

Scheme member

Staff I have dealt with have, without exception, always been considerate, understanding and helpful

Scheme Member